what is multiple locations seo and how to optimize

 what is multiple locations SEO and how to optimize

According to multiple-location SEO, you must have business that is set-up at multiple locations. You can set-up your website in certain way that it helps you in search traffic and user experience both.

Multiple-location SEO works only if you -

1. Have Multiple stores and locations.

2. Serve multiple areas even if you do not have physical stores.

How to do multiple location SEO

Now we know what multiple-location SEO really is. The next step we are going to cover is how do we do it? There are a few points that one has to keep in mind while doing multiple-location SEO.

Their is some tips and tricks to do Multiple-location SEO 

1. Building pages for each location:–
The very basic point one has to focus on is building separate pages for each location. One of the biggest issues with marketer is that they tend not to build separate page rather they put all the content into one single page and this doesn’t help in ranking of the particular page.

This is not something that will help you as each page has different content, therefore, becomes easier to rank.
For example, there’s a website providing Digital marketing training so separate pages are to be built by the developer. Like Top 10 Digital Marketing training institute, Top 5 Digital Marketing training institute in Chandigarh, DigitalMarketing training institute in Chandigarh sector 34.Here, creating separate page will help with the ranking.

2. Optimizing Each page for SEO:– 

Once you are done with creating separate pages for each location you need to optimize them so that Google can understand what each page is all about.

For each page you must have a title and Meta description that’ll help you with ranking of your page. The Meta description includes the certain keywords that tell you about the location as well as services provided by the company.
3. Optimizing the content for each page:– 

Once you have created the pages and added title and Meta description into it, the third step is to write content for each page.
Many location pages tend to avoid writing the content for the page. So, you must make sure that you write the content that a user would want to know.

Here are some tips to write content to your page:–

• Description of Services –The marketer need to describe the services that they offer. Suppose they offer a variety of different services then they must consider creating a new page for each.

• FAQs about your services – You should add commonly asked questions and answers about your services into your webpage.

• Photos: Adding photos of the location or your work in the area will help you in attracting ultimate customers.

• Reviews: Allow the users to write reviews about your business so that it’ll help you in long run.

• Directions: Add instructions for reaching out to your business from each direction. Try to embed a map with your location pinned as well.

4. Creating Google my business profile for each page:– 

Once you’re done with writing content for your pages. You need to set-up a Google my business profile.

Google my business is a Google service that will help you controlling your business and how does it appears on Google maps. The benefit is if you have multiple locations, it becomes easy to keep everything at one place. You can access each location with the same account.

5. Building Local Business Listing For Each Location:– 

In order to get maximum visibility in SEO it is very important for each location to get listed in local directories.

One should make sure your pages are listed on all popular sites for niche and that your content is accurate and relevant.

Name, Address and Phone number is considered as NAP.  
Whenever, Google sees the presence of your NAP combination on multiple websites then that is the Green signal for SEO.

6. Getting reviews for each location:– 

These days, more than 70% of customers believe on online reviews rather than third party review or maybe recommendation of a friend. Therefore, their prime focus is on rating above 4 stars.
You must have seen ratings of businesses in map listing; this has been used prominently in search results.

7. Conclusion:– 

By following these tips and tricks of multiple-location SEO you will be able to rank your pages separately with different locations.

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