what in the world are SERPs

 What in the world are SERPs

SERP is abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages. Basically, whatever a query user puts into any search engine, for example, Google, Bing, Alta-vista, Yahoo comes in the form of several pages relevant to the query entered.

The results provided by the SERPs can be in the form of organic results, paid ad results and local listing. Even though, there are thousands of search results but Google usually displays results that are either paid or organic in nature.In simple words, whatever we type or say, SERPs is what we get back from it.

let’s discuss why SERPs are important for Search Engine Optimization 

The SERPs helps in determining your site’s appearance on Google’s first page.

Let’s understand this with an example, let’s say, you rank your website on Google’s first page with keyword “Best Digital Marketing course” But, here, Google will show-up the paid ads at the top and then the others which means even if you somehow crack the first step of getting into the first page you probably won’t get many clicks.

It’s all about the first 10 blue links; if you have organic result then chances are more that you will get more clicks And then there’s also another important factor one should keep in mind when it comes to evaluating the SERPs “no-click searches”.

Here’s another question, why would someone click on your link out of 10 other links if all of you links are on the first page?

The answer to that question is one should target keywords that do not have too many of SERPs feature. That way, your result will stand surely out the crowd. Therefore, SERPs are important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some Elements of Google SERP 

Organic search results-

Organic search is determined by the Google’s algorithm which has not been revealed by them yet, but, it has some ranking feature that helps you with ranking your website to the Top.
There are a few linking websites that helps you with creating backlinks for your website. Other keywords are to be put on your first page.
Brand presence also affects the ranking of the website.
Organic search results comprises of:
1. Prefix
2. Keywords
3. Business
4. Location
5. Suffix

Paid ad results-

Paid search results are basically those search results that have a small icon names “Ad” before them. Rank Ranger allows 51.61% of paid results to be shown on single SERP.
And if there is too much competition, and high value of search Google allows the results to be shown at the bottom of the SERPs too. But, usually, the ads are show at the top of the page crowding out the organic searches.

Featured snippets-

Featured snippets can be described as the search results that are in the form of some webpage or videos pulled out from ultimate website.
Types of Feature snippets include:

1. FAQ - It is type of short paragraph or a few lines written in response to “Where is” and “How is” types of searches.

2. Bulleted List – The results in response of “Best of” in the form of bulleted list.

3. Numbered List – Anything that has particular steps into it, for example, DIY, recipes, instructions.

4. Tables – Any data, price, rates displayed in the form of a table.

At first there were mainly texts and now Google has started adding Video featured snippets in the search results.

Featured Snippets can be both a threat and an opportunity. In contrast to threat, the featured snippet always shows up at the top due to which the organic searches gets crowded out.
And as an opportunity, your content can be seen at the top by the user.

Direct search result box-
Some of the queries have direct answer to their question. For example, how tall is Statue of Liberty? Answer to this question is 93 metres.

Knowledge panel and graph-
This feature is shown at the right side of the Google search result page. Most of the data is taken from Wikipedia.

Local listing-
It helps in showing up the local searches or anything that is usually in the reach of user. For example, the user enters the query, Where is the Webliquids in Chandigarh.

Image and videos searches-
These kinds of results are in the form of images and videos. Like if someone wants to search images of dogs, the user simply enters dogs in image section and the results with be displayed.
Whereas in video sections, the videos are shown in three parts with a carousel of see more.

People also ask-
This is new feature that Google usually shows up in the middle of SERP GUIDE.