Steps to set-up your paid ad campaign in google adwords and Bing ads


Steps to set-up your paid ad campaign in google ad-words and Bing ads

As we all are very well aware of Google being dominant in the market these days and the services provided by it have always been up to the mark. One should not overlook Microsoft’s search engine network. Microsoft has been working hard to provide search offerings to its users for advertising.

There are certain important steps that will help you to set-up your paid ad campaign using both Google ad and Microsoft ad. However, both are a little different from one another.

What is Microsoft advertising and Google advertising

In 2019, Microsoft changed its name from Bing ad to Microsoft advertising and started focusing majorly on AI and personalization. Microsoft advertising is a global platform that helps the marketer to run its paid ad on Bing, AOL and Yahoo. It helps the marketers to run their campaigns and achieve their ultimate goal. 

Google advertising on the other hand is Google adwords that helps in online advertising, this network is distinguished between two groups-

1. Search Network –In this network advertiser put text advertisements on the results page of the search engine.

2. Display Network –Whereas in this type of network the advertiser put display ads around the internet.

Certain ways to plan your strategy 

There are certain ways through which you can plan your strategy and run your paid ad campaign online. Here are some important factors affecting your ad campaign.

What’s your objective?

Whenever you start building any paid ad campaign with ad manger, the first thing you should keep in mind is your objective. What is the exact reason behind to run that particular paid campaign that is very important. The choice you make will affect your campaign, so choose wisely.
An objective comes under three broad categories Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel all three makes a full funnel.

Top of Funnel – Top of funnel is all about the awareness objectives. This particular objectivetargets reach, views andhelps in building the interest of user into your product or service.
Middle of Funnel – Middle of Funnel is related to consideration objective. This objective is all about engaging the audience to your campaign.
Bottom of Funnel – Bottom of Funnel is all about the conversion. This objective focuses on buying, selling, Sign in.

Know your audience – 

The second important factor’s affecting your campaign is your audience. The marketer must know what kind of audience he wants to target. This will help you working with low budget as well.
Marketer should focus on someFAQs - Who are they? (Name, background, job), what do they desire? (Hopes, their main problems to be solved) and what are the main challenges they are facing to their problems? (Time, money)

Choosing the right social media platform –

Once you are done with setting up your objectives and knowing your audience. The next and most important step is to choose the right platform for your paid ad campaign to run.
For instance, Facebook has large number of users across various countries, therefore, it becomes easier to target the audience there and it turns out to be the best place for e-commerce businesses.
Whereas on Instagram, larger number users are 18-34 this will helps in promoting images and video friendly products and services.

Who you are targeting?

After choosing the right social media platform to run your paid ad, the next step is to target options available on that particular platform.People, usually, click on any ad if that ad is relevant to the topic mentioned.

For instance, on Facebook, you can target audiences based on their

a) Interests
b) Gender
c) Relationship Status
d) Education
e) Age
f) Location

Different social media networks have different options. So you have to make sure that you’ve chosen the right platform.

Choosing the best ad format – 

It is not necessary for the ad to be in the textual form. The marketer can create the paid ad campaign at various other platforms in different form; it can be in the form of video, text or even the video.
Your campaign probably has one objective, but, that doesn’t mean it has to be locked into one type of ad format.

Creating campaign content –

Once you are done with formatting your ad, now you have to run an ad campaign. You can incorporate ads, use social media, blogs, and influencer marketing. Now you can rum your ad at any platform across different channels.

Setting your budget – 

Setting a budget can be a crucial task. Now you will have to find the minimum ad budget to run the ad. You need to make an estimate of how much cost per click will be deducted per day in order to run the ad. Build your ads now!!!

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