How To Recover Website From Google Penalty

 How To Recover Website From Google Penalty

Have you ever experienced the sudden drop in the traffic on your website, if yes then it could be a GOOGLE PENALTY.Now do you know what could happen if it is a google penalty and you don’t know  HOW TORECOVER FROM A GOOGLE PENALITY,your website as well asbusiness will face consequences.

If you own a website, there are possibilities of getting a google penalty, and if you do not want your business to suffer, you should know how to recover from a google penalty In this article you will learn about google penalty and how to recover from a Google penalty

What is A Google Penalty

When we talk about onlinebusiness website, our main aim is to get more and more traffic on our website. To rank high in the list of search engines and to market the business online, willingly, or unwillingly, many websites tend toviolate or manipulate the Google’s rules and regulations. Google penalises such websites for breach of guidelines.

There are two ways by which google penalises the website:

1. Google manual penalty is a manual action taken by google against the website if its content conflicts the webmaster guidelines.

2. Algorithm updates are the automated penalties that lowers the website ranking on search engine, but they are not the actual penalties. They are the updated algorithms, so the website should be able match the standards as per the new rules or automatically its ranking will go down


Mostly every website is being penalized every now or then for violating the guidelines. It can happen to any website due to following reasons

1. Thin content or the content that has low quality, is not relevant to the user, auto generated or include duplicate scripts can lead to manual penalty and can result in the permanent removal of the site from search engine.

• Use the duplicate content detection software to remove the duplicate script
• Identify the autogenerated content and remove it
• Remove the content that is irrelevant to your website and add quality content
• Remove the low-quality affiliated pages.

2. Stuffing of the keywords in the content and hidden text is strongly condemned by search engines and it can trigger a pen

• Do not exceed the limit of content to keyword ratio. Delete all the spammy keywords
• Identify the hidden text using CSS styling and remove or restyle the text to make it visible for the user
• Rewrite/Remove the paragraph with strings of repeated words

3. If you aregetting links from
• the websites that are already penalized or banned, 
• the domain that has no relevance to your site
and/or, there are unnatural links given on your site, you will be penalised

• Audit your website to remove all the bad links from your websiteand those which are backing your site with the help of various tools like, rmoov, etc.
• Use various available tools to search all the backlinks on your website and add do follow and no follow links accordingly.
• Remove the links which have no relevance to your site
• Use Google’s disavow and let the google know about the unnatural links

4. Spammy hosting serviceor free hosting generates the google penalty.

• In the case of spammy hosting service you need to migrate to safe and secure hosting

5. Pure spam is aggressively spamming technique that includes scraping, cloaking and automated gibberish and google takes strict action against the entire site.
• In case this has happened for the first time, Google may take a relaxed view over this. In such a scenario you need to act as per google webmaster guidelines and win back Google’s trust and they might reconsider your appeal against this first-time offence.

Steps to Recover from google penalty:

1. Before taking any action, you need to determine the cause of sudden drop in the traffic is because of google penalty or update in google algorithm
2. In case of manual penalty, you will receive a message via google search console
3. In the next step, identify the true cause of the penalty and identify its pattern as well
4. Fix the penalty accordingly and you can use various tools to work efficiently
5. After fixing the issue you need file a reconsideration request 


Different strategies that conflict with webmaster’s guideline can trigger a google penalty and penalties can bring you down. So, it is very important that we avoid manual penalties and choose the quality marketing tactics.

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