How to Identify New Keyword Opportunities

How to Identify New Keyword Opportunities

Discovering the keywords can be a very crucial task in order to grow and run your business at a very faster rate. It is very necessary for Optimization experts, web publishers and content writers to explore various ideas and keeping up with the current scenario and to stand into the competition.

How do you get to identify the new keyword opportunities? The answer to that is ways to start looking for the keywords online, a few are discovery Solve, Jaaxy,Moz keyword planner and but one can get started with the basic one which is, Google free keywordtool. That way you can identify new keyword opportunities.

How Does Google free keyword tool works? 

Google free keyword tool is one the best platform where you can start with your keyword search.

All you have to do is, create a profile for free and enter the particular queries into the keyword discovery section. One should keep one thing in mind and that is the tools take maximum 10 queries at a time. Once this is done, you can find various results.

You will see various keywords while scrolling, the next step is to check the search volume to that particular keyword and then checking the competition, trafficking and bidding range. It is said that competition should be low and trafficking should be high. This way you can filter out the keywords for your business.

Metrics used to select a particular keyword 

1. Keywords:-
The very first and basic metric is Keyword. Basically, Keyword is a phrase that helps you to increase your website’s ranking on Google search engine. It helps in ranking the website, running the Google ads and to run the application. Types of keywords research:

1.     Yourself

2.     Google Suggestion

3.     Search related

4.     Competitor analysis

5.     Keywords planner

1. Google search volume: – 

Google search volume is one of the metrics that helps the optimization expert to know about number of searches done in a month corresponding to that keyword. That way the keyword can be filtered out.

2. Competition: – 

Another important metric used to rank the keyword is Competition. This metric helps in checking the competition among the keywords, whether it is low, medium or high. In order to stay low in competition you’ll have be aggressive in order to buy the bid.

3. CPC:- 

CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click, which means how much money is to be charged by you for every single click whenever someone clicks on your ad. So, it is important to make select the trending keywords for ranking of the website.

4. Average monthly sales-

An average monthly sale helps you in identifying the number of users searching for that particular keyword or phrase every month. This helps you targeting the ultimate keyword for your website and to rank it at the top.

Discovery of Keywords: Broaden your reach

Generally, it happens that it becomes a little difficult to select your own base keywords during the process of keyword discovery. This happens because no matter you are new into the business it becomes challenging to find out people’s online behavior, even for the experienced marketer. This can impact our website’s ranking.

Considering low competition and high competition,we ignore some potential keywords at our early stages and this leads to missed opportunities.

One should be very well aware or keyword trends and must be updated. Not only because of seasonal keywords has such as holidays but for the keywords that are in the favour of brands. For this, one should be using keyword tools in order to survive the business at tough times.

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