How To Create The Most Effective Facebook Business Page

 How To Create The Most Effective Facebook Business Page 

Do u want to be a successful entrepreneur? If you want to increase your brand value or promote your e-commerce business Online then Facebook is the right platform where you can create a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE and start of upgrade your career. A Facebook business page is an online marketing strategy that costs you nothing.

In this article we will learn to create the most effective Facebook business page which help you to grow your online business and reach your targeted audience with ease.

About Facebook 

Facebook is a social networking site that helps people connect with their friends, family, and acquaintances. It allows its users to sign up for free profiles and share pictures,videos,audio,and articles. People can share their views and ideas on this platform. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Andrew McCollum in February 2004.

Facebook currently has over 2.5billion users in the world. Facebook has emerged asmost powerful networking tool. From connecting people to expanding businesses, it has given its users a platform for such activities.

Benefits of Facebook

Step 1. Facebook connects people across the world. You can easily reach out to a person who has Facebook profile, send private messages, video chat etc.

Step 2. Facebook allows you to share your photos, videos and express your thoughts on social platform

Step 3.You can stay updated with the latest news on Facebook as all the prime news go viral on the Facebook

Step 4.You can create a community page and spread awareness about a particular topic and connect with people of similar interests

Step 5. Facebook allows you to organize private or public event or campaigns online and you can send invites to your friends, members of the group or fans of the page

Step 6. Facebook is a great platform that helps you create brand awareness and increase your brand valueamongthe targeted audience, it helps you to find online customers and maintain good relations with them.


You can empower your business of e-commerce with aFacebook page. So, lets see how a business page on Facebook impacts your e-commerce business positively. 

• You can reach billions of potential customersand share all the basic information about your product and services directly.

• A Facebook business page raises the brand awareness, and it promotes the business

• You can directly connect with your existing and potential Customers.

• A Facebook business page is a marketing strategy that costs you nothing. In fact,Facebook ads are much cheaper than tv ads, radio ads etc.

• You can differentiate your audience on Facebook and target them as per their interests, location, age etc.

• You can organise campaigns on your page to promote your business

• If you will use your Facebook page properly and smartly, you will be able to steer traffic to your website

• You can upload the videos and photos of your product as well as the experiences of your existing customers and this is a great way that allows your potential customer to see the products and services you are offering them

So, we have abundant of reasons to start a Facebook business page. Facebook business page can only be proven beneficial if it is created in the right manner and managed and run smartly.
Steps to Create an effective Facebook page:

1. To signup/ create a new account or you can use your personal account to make a business page

2. In the next step, profile picture and a cover photo are to be added. Make sure these pictures are relevant as they makeup first impression when people visit your page. Keep the following aspects in mind while uploading the pictures.

• Profile picture should display 170*170 pixels on desktop and 128*128 pixels on smart phones

• cover picture should display 820*312 pixels on desktop and 640*360 pixel on smart phones

3. Insert the basic information about your brand/businessthat includes the following 

• Name the page and the name should represents your business or brand

• Choose the Business category that clearly relevant to your business, so make sure you are choosing the right fit.

• Next step is your business description that is about the services and products you are offering. 

• Add your business card details such ascontact number, email id, and most importantly your location if you have any store and its operational hours.

4. To make your Facebook business page more productive, add a CTA button. Call to action buttons like sign up now, shop now, book now, contact us and more encourage the visitors to do things which helps in converting them into customers.

5. Final step is to invite the people to like and follow your page. You can use other social platforms, email marketing etc. to drive traffic towards your Facebook page.

Now you are ready for your first post on your Facebook business page


Facebook is a great platform for networking that not only connects the people around the world but also gives an opportunity to its users to promote their business/brand online. One can use its features to create an effective Facebook business page but a Facebook business page alone will not help you to achieve your motive. Our goal is to get traffic on our website and covert the visitors into customers. For that you need to connect to more and more people, engage your audience, your posts should be relevant and of good quality. You should know your target audience and post at the time that works best for them. Respond to all the queries, post the pictures and videos of your customers reviewing your product and services. If you have a website u can give its link at the end of your post, it will direct the traffic to your website. Always keep an eye on your competitors. Use your Facebook business page smartly to promote your business/brand.