Hey Google which is your favourite IPL team

Hey Google Which is your Favorite IPL Team

IPL is an acronym for Indian Premier League and it is a professional T-20 cricket league. It is basically contested by mainly 8 teams based out of eight different Indian cities. Basically, it was founded by the BCCIin 2007. 

The IPL is one of the most-attended cricket league within the world and in 2014 it was ranked 6th among all sports leagues. In 2010, the IPL became the primary sporting event within the world to be broadcasted on YouTube.

IPL 2021 started on 9th April 2021. People, these days, are going crazy by asking Google's favourite IPL 2021 team. One of the most trending topics on Google is “Hey Google which is the favourite team in IPL”,It is being searched by every single person on internet. Earlier people used to ask this question to their friends, relatives about their favourite team in IPL. But now a days the trend has changed and people are asking Google about its Favourite Team in IPL. Let's check how Google selects its favourite IPL team from the sections mentioned below.

Google, which is your Favourite Team in IPL 

Google is one the most reliable search engines that gives us the most valuable information about Digital Marketing that we search for. Recently, we all can noticeHey Google which is Favourite team in IPL is trending and many users are getting various answers for the same. CSK has lost the match last year but one can hope this time CSK will rock to win the IPL 2021 title.

Hey Google would you tell uswhich is your favourite IPL team 

According to the latest trends, people tend to search for many things for exampleDalgona coffee was the most searched topics. But now as the IPL in 2021 has started, the trending topic on the internet has turned out to beHey Google which is your favourite team in IPL. Did you get the answer? That’s cool. Chennai Super Kings is Google’s favourite team in IPL and for others it may be different. For the IPL 2021 fans, Hey Google which is your favourite team in IPL has become an amazing entertainment.

 How to Choose Favourite IPL Team 

Knowing the fact that there are only 8 different teams, it has become very difficult to select the Favourite Team in IPL. In order to select the best team, players need to look back at the records of past games, and then analyse the strength and weakness of each team. The Mumbai Indians have won 5 times in the year 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. Therefore, it can become viewers favourite team as well. 

Chennai Super Kingsis a professional cricket team that represent Chennai. This team has also done a fantastic job, as it has won thrice. CSK is considered the most successful teams in the IPL;however, they failed to reach the final last season. They felt as if they failed to the build enough strength to advance to the top four stages. 

It is possible that Google believes it's the reason for their failure. However, they are very well capable of reversing their fortunes and show that they can do better and even win the upcoming cricket league. However, the 13th season of the IPL didn’t go well for them. But, they can win with the new team squad in IPL 2021.

Though, the viewers can only decide their favourite Team in IPL, but only the deserving team will win the Tournament this year.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When did IPL 2021 start?
IPL 2021 started on 9th April 2021.

2. Who is No 1 team in IPL?
We cannot say the exact team. The deserving team will be considered as No 1 team in IPL.

3. Who is your Favourite team in IPL?
As per the stats, CSK is one of the most favourite team.

4. Who is king of IPL?
MahendraSinghDhoni, the former Indian cricket team captain is known to be the king of IPL who has led CSK in all of their eleven seasons so far in IPL.

 The conclusion 

The above article says that it is just an answer from Google Assistant itself. Google cannot tell which team is to win the IPL in any year. It is just based only onthe audience, teams feel incredible support that helps to get such a desired victory.